Sunday, February 15, 2009

follow the leader leader leader.

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the words we say.

"those who critize our generation, forget who raised it."

- unknown


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now THAT is an outfit.

source: le flassh

alexander the great

what a genius

source: jak&jill  

photography extreme;

the most intense photography i've ever seen

my art teacher would love this.

source: flickr

i.d please.


effortless cool. 

aggy, behati, coco.

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i wish that was stuck in my tree.

ahhh chanel 2.55...the most stunning bag at any size or colour

source: cobrasnake

i need.

these gorgeous rings.

i don't remember which website i found these from but i am desperate to find out. anyone have any clue where i can purchase these babies from?

miroslava duma.

so chic and gosh am i so jealous...

source: satorialist & garance dore

they are still the ones i want.

they debuted in 06' but they are still hotter than ever...


the first time is the best time...

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"there is an owl with a camera out there..."

source: knightcat